Summer of Stolen Souls No. 1:
A Dark Feather Novel

Old Bob, an aging Ute Medicine Man, is destined to fulfill an ancient legend. He and his closest friend, retired Police Officer Jerry Cloud, keep this knowledge secret for over forty years. This secret has its toll on them, and in spite of their lifelong bond, distrust eats away their friendship.

The old shaman’s prophecy foretells of a vile, ancient shapeshifter, Nyatt, enlisting skin walkers to steal human souls so that he can escape from an evil portal hidden in the Uinta Mountains. In the summer of 2000, the killings begin and a confrontation with Nyatt is imminent. The shaman convinces his grandson, Manny, who resists the ways of the Ute Tribe, to prepare for an Indian warrior’s battle against Nyatt. After Old Bob calls for the gathering of four mysterious crystals, Manny and three of his non-Native American friends unwittingly submit to their part in fulfilling the legend.

They discover the veil between reality and the supernatural is the width of a fly’s hair. Untimely deaths, love gained and lost, insanity, human conflict, and inexplicable horrors besiege the band of motley modern warriors. Old Bob is the one chosen by the spirits to face the demonic creature, but has his power grown too weak?

Cradle of the Water Babies No. 2:
A Dark Feather Novel

Stories of flesh-eating, unworldly creatures living in streams and lakes, have flourished for centuries. For indigenous tribes to survive during famines, mothers sometimes drowned their newborns. Native Americans know them as water babies. The dispossessed children continue to hibernate in the reservation lakes and rivers, their small bodies stranded in limbo.

In this installment of the Dark Feather Novel series, a malevolent entity awakens them and transforms them into ravenous beasts.

After winning the previous Summer of Stolen Soul’s battle with skin walkers, the local citizenry assumed their lives have returned to normal. They are dead wrong. Once again, the benevolent, but cantankerous medicine man, Old Bob, is obliged to employ his mysterious powers. He pairs with his enigmatic spirit animal guide, Coyote, to help rid the scourge of water babies. In concert, the motley Rainbow Warriors attempt to regroup, but one of them is obsessed with anger and self-pity, crippling the war party’s esoteric crystals and shapeshifting abilities.

Skin walkers emerge from hiding, bent on destroying Old Bob. Poltergeists plague Bonnie’s antique store. Old Bob and his grandson’s contentious relationship ignite a series of events seemingly impossible to overcome. Only one of them can survive.